I'm gonna live anyhow until I die / Johanna Billing (LP)
170 SEK

I’m Gonna Live Anyhow Until I Die —12” Vinyl, 2012

The film was shot in neighborhoods in Ostia, where Pier Paolo Pasolini lived until his death in 1975. Johanna Billing's supervised music replays two folk themes from "Fetus", the infamous 1971 musical collage by the Italian composer Franco Battiato.

Furthermore, Johanna Billings' record presents alternative versions of the Battiato themes and two acoustic film outtakes on the B-side: a lively conversation between the kids while playing Rorschach, and a discussion between Swedish studio musicians and Johanna during the making of the movie soundtrack back in Stockholm. The record is presented by Apparent Extent, Cologne, Germany in collaboration with Laveronica Arte Contemporanea of Modica, Sicily, and the book collective Dent-de-Leone, London, UK.

The record comes with extended interviews, text, and images from Johanna Billing, and by curators Cecilia Canziani and Lorenzo Bruni.
Graphic design by Åbäke, London.